Personal Projects

All of these projects are open-ended. I found and explored the data solely out of curiosity or to reinforce a new topic. Unlike course projects I was free to use all available tools for analysis.

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Lending Club

Detailed analysis of public banking data

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NLP on Drug Reviews

Machine Learning to predict a rating based on a text based review

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QSAR Fish Toxicity

Linear Regression to predict toxicity in Fish

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Live Fitness Tracker

Built using D3 and cloud Firebase storage

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Live Budget Tracker

Budget Tracker: Click Add to update and double click donut to remove item

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Lending Club Neural Net

Part two of the LC project where I build a neural net using Tensorflow

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CNN on cat v. dog images

CNN model using Google Colab to predict if an image contains a cat or a dog

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Machine Learning to create new raps

Neural net model built using rap corpus that creates new raps

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Predicting Forest Cover Type

Random Forest Classifier and simple Decision Tree models to predict type of tree

Course Projects

These are graded projects directly related to a course and are meant to be presented to the class. For all of them my team and I had to find our own data and perform course relevant analysis, usually, with the guidance of a rubric.

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Regression to predict used car list prices using data collected from Carfax API

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State of the Union Addresses

Text analysis and topic modeling to understand SOTU evolution

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Clustering Survey Data

AHC and KMeans to group users based on survey responses

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Analysis of Education Data

Full site and custom app to explore data related to average standardized test scores

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